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Mark Chu Jr, Mortgage Loan Specialist

 I'm delighted to have this opportunity to share thoughts and advice on a subject I'm passionate about, which is how to get a loan in this new world. By the time I'm finished with our consultation you'll have a better, deeper understanding of exactly what it would take to get a loan in today's new world. My three roles are your consultant, negotiator and overseer of the transactional details. As your consultant, you may notice I will ask you profound, insightful questions. Maybe you'll notice they are the types of questions that the typical lender might not ever take the risk of asking you. Experience shows that a skilled consultant like me will ask you probing, intelligent questions because discovering what is really important to you is really important to me. My second role is as your negotiator, I treat your money like it is mine. When it is time to save you or make you money, I am like a pit bull. You, like me, know that money is an emotional issue and to represent your own self is like performing surgery on yourself. You would never do that, would you? My third role is I oversee all the transactional details. In the days and weeks and even months ahead, you will come to appreciate my role as the person who oversees all the transactional details. Because every transaction has 100 pieces of paper requiring upward to 43 signatures and initials, every I must be dotted and every t crossed. Making a mistake could be very costly to you. Every transaction has 50 to 100 phone calls alone, and each of them is loaded with critical details. How does that make you feel knowing that there are 23 different people from 12 different industries that get involved during the seven stages of your transaction? 

Mark Chu Jr
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Mark Chu Jr
Mortgage Loan Specialist
NMLS# 119450

Contact Information:

Phone: 860-490-7292

Toll Free Fax: 888-698-4712

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1333 Boston Road
Springfield, MA 01119

State Licenses: CT, FL